Clothing & Uniforms

Training Attire

Training t-shirts are available for purchase / order. Please ensure you or your child is in appropriate training attire when at training. This includes T-shirts or singlet’s and bike shorts or leggings. Loose fitting clothing is not appropriate for cheerleading, no denim, zippers, etc.

Please tie hair back so that it is out of your face and not likely to get caught during stunts. Also ensure that your jewelry is removed prior to training (small studs or sleepers are worn at your own risk and it is recommended that they be removed prior to training), and that your nails are kept to a short length.

If you arrive at training without appropriate clothing or shoes you may be asked to sit out. This is for safety reasons and will be at the discretion of the coaches.

As cheerleading is a sport that requires close contact with other people, we also ask you to be especially aware of your hygiene when attending training. Showers and deodorant are essential.

Cheer shoes:

Initially runners (Not Volley’s) are fine for training. However, athletes will also be required to wear white cheerleading shoes to train in if continuing into 2014, other white sports shoes are unsuitable due to the grip on the shoe’s sole, which can cause injury to other athletes. Cheer Shoes cost between $65.00 and $100.00.
* To purchase cheer appropriate shoes please speak to your coaches.

Competition Uniform

Each athlete will be required to purchase a competition uniform which is worn for cheer and pom, and additional costumes for any dance items. Uniforms will be sized and ordered early in the year. Please see the costings section of the handbook for uniform prices. All athletes will require their own white cheer shoes, club shorts and training t-shirt for competitions.