Our coaching staff are First Aid Qualified and have Working With Children Checks. Please advise if you or your child has any injuries before the participate in any class, no matter how small it seems. Students will injuries will be required to supply a medical certificate stating they are fit to train before taking part in classes.

Photography at Competition

There is often professional photography at all competitions. This means that team and individual shots are taken and available for purchase by you and the club. It is also a possibility that these photos are used for promotional purposes by the coach, club and AASCF. Attached is a Photo Consent Form, please complete and return at the commencement of Term 1.

Coaches Contact Details

If you are going to be late to any training session or if you need to contact your coach outside of training times, their details can be found on the front page. Also please notify your coach at least 2 weeks prior to missing any training sessions. Please be respectful of having access to the coach’s personal numbers and only use them appropriately. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or let your coach know about any training or Cheerleading related issues as soon as possible, they won’t bite Don’t wait a week until the next training session, you might forget If you are ill please contact your coach via email (or mobile) as soon as possible.

Please use your coaches mobile numbers respectfully. Your coaches try to have a life outside of training hours. Please do not contact them after 9:30pm on weeknights or after 5:30pm on weekends unless in a cheerleading emergency.


  • DTAS Cheerleading will be offering workshops with some of the World’s most expert Cheerleading Coaches.
  • When these opportunities arise, families will be informed prior to the workshops.
  • These will incur in additional fee, however we will keep these as low as possible.


Fundraising is an important part of the DTAS Cheerleading program. It helps to take some of the financial burden off you, the members. Fundraising pays for things like equipment, pom poms, music and will occasionally take money off your entry fees or other expenses. Every member of the squad is expected to take part in fundraising. If anyone fails to do this to an acceptable level, they will lose the benefits the fundraising produces.

Cheerleading and Dance Classes

The Cheer and Dance classes are a perfect place to come to work hard and leave all your problems behind. Please do not bring any personal issues into the gym. We wish to keep the gym a positive, safe and friendly environment.

Parents in the Gym

Due to the growth at DreamTyme All Stars, we are initiating closed training sessions. In order to maximize the athletes focus and attention, as well as keeping down background noise, we are requesting that parents do not hang around the training area. Parents are asked to either sit in the foyer or we can advise that McDonalds does a ‘decent’ coffee.